The Society « Châteaux de la Loire, Vallée des Rois » (“Châteaux of the Loire, the Valley of Kings”) was created in 2008 to group 50 monuments together, all located along the Royal River Loire - between Nantes (Département 44) and Gien (Département 45).

As a result of the merger with the Historic “Route des Dames de Touraine”, the Society unites 57 sites since 2009.

The primary purpose of the Society is to provide a frame or structure to the tourist offer and to the sites of cultural heritage, sites that are listed as Historic Monuments or labeled "Remarkable Gardens", all located in the Regions " Région Centre Val de Loire” and “Pays de Loire”, within that cultural entity called the Loire Valley, and all are open to the public.
The Society currently administrates 80 sites A document is circulated in more than 600 000 copies through the Loire Valley and its surroundings, in a view to grouping the entire cultural offer together in a single document. It will help you organize and prepare for your visit, and it presents the diversity of the cultural richnesses offered along the Loire River.